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Title:-:Rail-Lite II™ Surface|-|Description:-:The multiple spot system complements architectural elements and conceals the light sources for a discreet look. RAIL-LITE II sections connect solely mechanically and can run distances as required for the space with L, T, and X connections to feed light where it is needed. RAIL-LITE is ideal as a retail solution with ultimate beam control and high color rendering. The spots can be adjusted laterally within the channel to target merchandise more accurately; glare and light spill can be controlled with Hex Louver, Snoot, and Cross Baffle accessories. A CRI of 90 displays the true color of merchandise and makes them more distinguishable.|-|Meta:-:66116,485118-541144-,,Powder coated.,,Yes,Delivered lumens & LPW based on 3000K (min 80 CRI).,;,,ring-rgbw-2,,Constant Current driver for 120-277V (EU-240V).  Drivers can be replaced from below.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rail-Lite II™; Rail-Lite II™,,,,,,old|-|Cat:-:Linear|-|Filter:-:LED|-|Tag:-:Multiple|-|Manu:-:Beta-Calco


Title:-:Warp™ Ceiling|-|Description:-:Our dual circuit luminaire delivers high efficiency diffused, spot and direct light, allowing you to transition from general ambient to mood lighting. Available in two sizes 18″ (457mm) & 24″ (610mm), the WARP family offers two styles of pendant plus a ceiling mounted version. The color temperature of each light source can be individually selected to deliver an effect best suited to the application. New to the WARP are a wide array of contemporary decorative colors to accent your architectural scene.|-|Meta:-:66116,485118-1233139-zedos-sr-suspension,,,,HPF electronic for 120-277V (EU-240V). 0-10V dimming (10{b7d16369cc1f0427d9f8c67f0d954519bc75c2e088a1ce70ed1ac4e409d9e1e8}).,,,3000K; 3500K; 4000K,,,,,,,,2085; 1689; 2127; 1770; 2169; 1820; 3045; 2471; 3133; 2674; 3185; 2686,,,120/277V; 240V ¹; 347V ²,,Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,Warp Hemi™; Warp™,;,zedos-sr-suspension,old|-|Cat:-:Ceiling/Surface Mount|-|Filter:-:LED|-|Tag:-:Multiple|-|Manu:-:Beta-Calco

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