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A multi-purpose LED utility luminaire with externally mounted infrared motion sensor featuring high quality LED arrays from leading component manufacturers. Ideal for stairwells, corridors, restrooms and a variety of other areas. Offered in 2′, 4′ and 8′ lengths (nominal) and 3 output levels (Low, Med, High). Designed to be a long lasting, low maintenance luminaire, units are available with low glare impact resistant diffuser.; Bi-level fixtures operate at a low standby light level, offering energy savings, safety and security with full light output instantly upon occupancy with areas fully lit only as needed. Motion sensor options include 2-circuit (bi-level 50% or 25% dim), on/off or Adjustable Standby (choice of 7 dim levels) for added control and savings. Sensors are available with optional ambient light sensor for daylight holdoff and choice of lens patterns providing maximum coverage for almost any application.

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Blank = Blank (std lens)LB = Low bay HB = High bay See sensor lens options in box on back; EM = Emergency pack >90 min., >500 lumens min (higher output & run time available - consult factory) DS = Ambient light sensing OSN = OS-NET compatible

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