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Compact size - 2.56 and 3.50 diameters.; Integral driver eliminates the need for an external driver box or remote transformer.; Cylindrical cast aluminum housing provides thermal management.; Form fitting curved stem is designed to be an integral part of the housing allowing the spotlight to be used as a downlight.; Friction locking with 90 deg tilt and 355 deg orientation.; Available with Super Spot optic (10) providing minimal spill light, achieved using a total internal reflection (TIR) lens.; Spot (17), medium flood (24), and flood (36) beams utilize faceted exchangeable reflectors.; Accepts up to 2 optical accessories.; White or Black Textured finish.; Hance 2000 1600 lumens; Hance 3000 2700 lumens; Hance 4000 3100 lumens; Softening film; Elliptical film; Hexcell louver; Decorative rings

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