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The Sightlines family of luminaires are offered as complementary recessed wall steplights. The 1573SS Low Level Area Light is a maxi, exterior luminaire that was de­sign­ed for concrete pour or hollow wall installation. This luminaire is available in an LED source with open or louvered faceplate. The Sightlines 1573SS Low Level Area Light is listed for use in wet locations, within four feet of the ground, to UL and CSA Standards.

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Spec Sheets

1573SS LED823.PDF

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Sightlines 1573SS

Catalog Number:

1185; 1573; 1573R; 1573RSS; 1573SS; 1635; 1635SS; 1645; 1645SS; 1645V; 2400; 2400SS; 5009; 5009C; 5009H; 5009NG; 8000

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