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The Ouro Edge-Lit is part of the Ouro family of luminaires. Ouro Edge-lit enhance the site by day and provides visual comfort and security by night.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

UR20 96L 90 4K7 3 PT1GG.IES

UR20 96L 30 5K7 2M PT3FN.IES

UR20 192L 45 5K7 5W PTOUV.IES

UR20 192L 30 4K7 5W PTFOG.IES

UR20 96L 30 3K7 2M PTPOP.IES

UR20 96L 70 5K7 3 PTXDD.IES

UR20 96L 50 4K7 2M PTN1D.IES

UR20 192L 75 3K7 5W PTYCQ.IES

UR20 192L 135 3K7 5W PT6CS.IES

UR20 96L 135 4K7 2M PTLEE.IES

UR20 96L 70 3K7 3 PTKIX.IES

UR20 96L 70 3K7 2M PTHNB.IES

UR20 96L 135 3K7 3 PTZFA.IES

UR20 192L 110 5K7 5W PTZ1H.IES

UR20 192L 75 4K7 5W PTTWB.IES

UR20 96L 50 4K7 3 PTPBJ.IES

UR20 96L 70 5K7 2M PTLQL.IES

UR20 96L 135 5K7 3 PTEUP.IES

UR20 192L 30 3K7 5W PTLW6.IES

UR20 192L 60 3K7 5W PT2L0.IES

UR20 96L 30 5K7 3 PTNKI.IES

UR20 96L 90 4K7 2M PTL99.IES

UR20 96L 90 5K7 2M PTQCH.IES

UR20 96L 30 4K7 3 PTSYJ.IES

UR20 192L 45 4K7 5W PTOIE.IES

UR20 192L 30 5K7 5W PTHME.IES

UR20 96L 30 3K7 3 PTDX5.IES

Fixture Details


BLS - Black Gloss Smooth, BLT - Black Matte Textured, DBS - Dark Bronze Gloss Smooth, DBT- Dark Bronze Matte Textured, GTT - Graphite Matte Textured, LG - Light Grey Matte Textured, LGS - Light Grey Gloss Smooth, PSS - Platinum Silver Gloss Smooth, VGT - Verde Green Matte Textured, WHS - White Gloss Smooth, WHT - White Matte Textured, CC Custom Color


Ouro Edge-Lit Post Top


Post Top


27.5 - 138.3

Color Temperature:

3000, 4000, 5000


2,958 - 15,227

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- Area/Site/Roadway

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